Christmas and New Year Event
There will be a New Global Event to celebrate Christmas and New Year.
The Event will Start at 00:00, 1 December, 2013 and it will End at 00:00, 1 January, 2014.
From 01.12.2013 you will find some New Monsters in Bloody Ice Warp 2, Desert Scream Warp 2 and Green Despair Warp 2.
They not just Drop something and that's all, like on the other servers.
If you kill 1 Monster, there will be a very good Drop + Chests, and, right after you killed it,
as a consequence, more Monsters will Spawn (Not so Easy as the First one), so it's an entire system of Mobs.
Be careful, after you kill the final Mob, Different Chests will Drop on the Entire Map, Random Coordinates!
Also, these are just some Clues about the Event, it is bigger than this, with a way more complex system than on the other servers.
Have Fun Discovering More!
Christmas Donation Promo
We made a New Donation Promo Special for Christmas.
For every Donation made between 01.12.2013 and 01.01.2014 you will get 50% Bonus eCoins!
Donate Now and Help our Server Grow!
Double eCoins per Vote
For every Vote made between 01.12.2013 and 01.01.2014 you will get Double eCoins!
Vote Now and Help our Server Grow!
2 New Events
We have decided to make 2 New Events to celebrate Christmas and New Year.
If we reach 500 Forum Members and 500 Likes on our Official Facebook Page (Click on the Facebook Button on Our Site or Read More on this post)
this year, Everyone will get 1000 eCoins, so be Quick, Register and Like Us!
Valentine's Day Donation Promo
Because this day is getting closer and closer, we want to give you the opportunity to show your love for the Server and help us Grow Bigger and Bigger.
So, from Today, 22:00, Server Time, until 16.02.2014, 23:59, you get 50% Bonus eCoins for Every Donation Made!
Now you have the opportunity to show your love for the Server! The entire Week!
My BirthDay Donation Promo
Because My BirthDay is getting closer and closer (28.02.2014),
we want to give you the opportunity to give me Presents,
and we will give you Another One, Bigger than yours.
Also, the Biggest Present will be Rewarded with Something very Special.
Click Read More for More Details!
Passwords Reseted
In order to get more Security and to Protect our Playes,
we Reseted All the Password to Random ones.
In order to Change your Password you must Click the Link from the Right Side of the Forum Link from our Site (here).
There, you must Enter your Username and Old Password (Not the Random one, the one that you used to Login before the Passwords Reset)!
That link can only 1 Time Reset your Password, so choose it Carefully!
We are sorry for this, thank you, enjoy!
Xtrap Problem Fixed
Ok guys, the Xtrap Problem is now Fixed Permanently,
you don't need to worry about this anymore.
All you need to do is to Update through our Launcher and you are Done!
Thank you, enjoy!
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