Arena Knights Cabal Anniversary
Happy B-day to all of us! Arena Knights Cabal anniversary is up on! (August 15).
One year passed with lot of things happening around but we survived and overcome
everything together. So i would like to thank to all our loyal players for it.
Also in celebration of our anniversary we will have e-coins promotion.
For the anniversary day it will be a 75% more ecoins (so basically 1 euro = 17500 ecoins) Top 3 donators rewards: 1. HR20 or 2x HBD rings 2. 1x HBD ring 3. AOP 28% mcr
Updates are also on the way was trying to finish by aniversary day but unfotrunately
couldnt finish in time.
New website coming on also.
Eitherway expect some surprises for our anniversary, events and not only that ;)
Server status
After few weeks of hard work and sleepless night finally server seems to be stable.
Looks like we did it and we survived!
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Capella 11283 -- 14084 Procyon
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